Bayou Sara Kayak Rental


The unmatched, untouched, wild beauty of South Louisiana’s natural rivers, estuaries, and bayous have inspired many over the years, and I am among the ranks of those lucky souls. For the last four years, I have spent an extraordinary amount of time on the water, and the vast majority of that time has been in a small plastic boat with a paddle as my only means of propulsion. One can admire the Grand Canyon from the window of a 747, but the experience is quite different if you’re standing at the edge of the abyss - similarly, a kayak removes the barriers that a larger vessel places between the observer and the environment. You’re able to access remote habitat without disturbing it; this lack of intrusion translates to a much more enjoyable and productive experience. Fishing becomes a visceral and primitive exercise in the absence of outboard motors and electronics; observing wildlife in an small craft - and in the case of Louisiana’s famous alligators, at eye level - makes for an impression that won’t be soon forgotten. I’m often asked, "why kayaks?", and my answer is always the same: when would you like me to show you?